Published 194 days ago

Hello World


This is the first blog post from the GitHub CMS. 🚀

What? GitHub CMS 🤔
(Actually, there's no such thing. But we use GitHub as a data source.)


We use the GitHub API to fetch this file inside a Next.js app. But we cannot use the API directly because GitHub has a strict rate limit. So, we use some static optimizations that come with Next.js to get around with that.

Batteries Included

This project not only load blog posts from GitHub, but it has some other cool features as well:

  • Store comments inside GitHub
  • Login with GitHub to add comments
  • Live production reload as you change the content in GitHub
  • Built-in preview mode all the changes you made with Pull Requests
  • You can use a private or public repository as the data source
  • Optimistic UI support